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Prime Windshields has proudly served the Phoenix metro area for over three decades as one the top windshield replacement shops in the East Valley, including Tempe! Whatever your auto glass needs are, we provide expert and friendly technicians with affordable solutions every time!

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Cracks and blemishes are inevitable sometimes, especially in the Copper State. However, the blemishes don’t just cause the style of your car to suffer; cracks and chips pose a severe risk. Any crack or chip over your steering wheel obstructs your view, which leads to fatal accidents. Your vehicle’s frame also weakens at the slightest damage, increasing the chances of your vehicle caving in during an accident.

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Living in the state of Arizona is highly susceptible to windshield damage as it’s the nation’s leader in that category. The reason behind its high auto glass damage rate is a perfect cocktail of location and population.

Arizona sits right in the middle of the Sonoran desert. This desert is mountainous and very rocky, along with its scorching summer temperatures. Add in the nearly 5 million Phoenix residents on the roads, and a lot of dust and kicks will kick up in a given day.

Plenty of auto glass repair shops quickly popped up over the last few decades, trying to turn a quick profit on the growing population of drivers. However, at Prime Windshields, our 30-plus years of service in the Phoenix metro area lets you know our goal is to get you back on the road safely, and not just turn a quick profit.

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Don’t wait to get the crack, dent, or chip on your windshield fixed; contact Prime Windshields for efficient and safe auto glass repair!

Our windshield repair services include:

Windshield Replacement Services

In the event your windshield or auto glass can’t be simply repaired, you’re going to need total replacement.

However, there’s no need to worry; we provide windshield replacement for any size and model of your vehicle!

Our Windshield Replacement services include:

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