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When you drive, chips and cracks in your windshield aren’t just a nuisance; they can pose a severe hazard to your overall safety. Any blemishes on your windshield appearing over your steering wheel are recognized as a distraction while driving as they obstruct your overall view, which may lead to a deadly accident.

In addition, cracks and dents in your windshield also weaken the frame of your vehicle’s structure, making it easier to collapse and cave in during an accident.

Your Local Experts for Windshield Damage in Phoenix, AZ

With the potential hazards blemished windshields possess, it’s worth noting how often it happens in the Phoenix metro area. Arizona is the 14th largest state in terms of population but number one in the entire country for auto glass damage.

This might be of no surprise to you. Arizona sits dead center in the Sonoran Desert, which is extremely hot most of the year while dry, rocky, and dusty. Add the roughly four million plus residents of the metro area, and you have the perfect recipe for cracked and dented windshields throughout the region.

With auto glass damage so common in the Phoenix metro area, auto glass repair shops have popped up all over. These other auto glass repair shops only care about making a profit on your slight inconveniences.

We take pride in delivering the utmost customer service and care to our customers. Our three-plus decades in auto glass and windshield repair let you know just how committed we are to getting you back on the road safely and not just turning a quick profit.

Expert Windshield Repair Near Phoenix, AZ

When you spot any cracks or blemishes on your vehicle's windshield, don’t wait to get it fixed; achieve peace of mind and total safety when you call on Prime Windshields for trusted auto glass repair!

Our windshield repair services include:

Windshield Replacement Services

Sometimes, those cracks and dents may be too large or far gone for a simple repair, so replacement may be your only option. As daunting as that may seem, Prime Windshields makes the process as smooth as possible.

We provide windshield replacement for any model vehicle of any size! Our windshield replacement services include:

ADAS Recalibration After Windshield Repair

Newer technology makes it safer for us to traverse in our vehicles. A big reason for new and improved safety is Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS.) However, these systems may need maintenance over time. That’s why Prime Windshields offers ADAS recalibration services to keep you safe on Arizona roads!

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