Window Tinting

Drive Safer in Arizona With Legal Window Tinting

The great state of Arizona sees about 211 sunny days a year, which is the most in the entire country. Saddled in the Sonoran Desert, those 211 days are mostly bright and extremely hot – especially if you have to get into your car.

Hot and sticky air inside your vehicle makes for an uncomfortable ride and can stick around long after your A/C blasts. Visibility is also critical when it comes to driving, and the bright UV rays of the desert sun may make you squint as you drive, hindering your vision and causing accidents.

Tinting your windshield and auto glass is a significant step to drive safe and comfortable in the Copper State, and Prime Windshields is offering a free quote to get you started today!

Why Choose Prime Windshields for Window Tinting?

With over 30 years of service throughout the Phoenix metro area, Prime Windshields understands your auto glass and window tinting needs. Whether you’re looking for better vehicle security, enhanced sun protection, or a dark tinted look for aesthetic reasons, our experienced team is ready to deliver!

Our certified technicians install window tint with the advanced technology of SunTek, a software that allows for precise cutting. (In the past, window tint was cut by hand and some companies still do things the old fashioned way.)

With our team using the industry’s latest tools and techniques, you can feel confident that your window tinting will look professional and custom-made for your vehicle’s exact specifications.

Prime Windshields Tinting Options

We offer four levels of window tinting:

  • 5%
  • 20%
  • 35%
  • 50%

Arizona’s Window Tinting Laws

The laws for window tinting vary by state. At Prime Windshields, we follow Arizona’s auto glass laws to ensure you don’t get a citation!

In Arizona:

  • Front door windows are allowed to have 35% window tinting.
  • Rear driver’s windows are allowed to have 5% window tinting.
  • Windshield tint is allowed up to 50%.

Benefits of Window Tinting in Arizona

Tinting your vehicle's auto glass or windshield helps keep interiors from getting too hot on those unforgiving sunny days Arizona is all too familiar with.

Additionally, with up to 50% window tinting available, you can block half of all UV rays from touching your interior while driving, keeping your eyes relaxed and your drive comfortable.

Not to mention, tinted auto glass gives your vehicle a fresh new look!

Contact Prime Windshields for Trusted Window Tint

Don’t wait for the summer sun to envelope your car with extreme heat and unnecessary brightness – contact Prime Windshields for trusted window tint installation! We are your local auto glass experts in everything from windshield replacement to RV auto glass services.

Get a free quote online or give us a call at 480-618-5888 today!

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