Why Choose Prime Windshields for Windshield Repair?

Our team of skilled and experienced auto glass technicians is ready to provide you and your vehicle with:

  • A local, trustworthy family-owned business
  • Lifetime warranty certification offers
  • Over 30 years and multiple generations of auto glass maintenance experience
  • Fast, efficient mobile services and assistance

Whether it’s a minor rock chip or a full-on edge crack, Prime Windshields has the credentials, equipment, and resources necessary to repair and restore any form of windshield damage, no matter how minor or major!

Windshield Repair Phoenix

The Arizona heat can cause chips and cracks on your windshield to spread faster than they usually would wich requires immediate attention and assistance, as the longer you wait to get it fixed, the more severe the damage can become. Our swift and effective mobile services means we can come to you to repair your broken windshield, whether you live in Flagstaff, Prescott, Sedona, or anywhere else in Arizona! Our accommodating insurance process assistance will allow you to receive the coverage you need to take care of repair costs.

Read our reviews to see how dedicated we are to providing 100% satisfaction guaranteed to all our customers!

Honest, Expert Quotes for All Vehicle Makes & Models

Foreign sports cars, family vans, RVs, we’ve repaired them all! Prime Windshields provides quality windshield repair work on vehicles of all makes, models, and sizes.

Master Auto Glass Technicians

Our professionally trained technician staff are Automotive Glass Replacement Safety Standard (AGRSS) Master Technicians, meaning they’ve all passed a certification test and work for a registered company.

Experienced Windshield Chip & Crack Repair Services

Even the smallest pebble can cause the biggest problems for any vehicle’s windshield. When we inspect your vehicle’s windshield, we’ll assess what type of damage the windshield has endured, what the best options are to repair it, and whether or not it’s worth exploring full-on windshield replacement.

Examples of common windshield damage we repair include:


Often caused by small rocks or debris chipping off pieces of glass from the windshield, chips are considered any fracture that’s less than an inch in diameter and can easily be filled in by our certified technicians.

Repairing chips as quickly as possible will help avoid any spreading of the damage, which could evolve into more serious fractures and ultimately require windshield replacement.

Stress Cracks

Unlike chips or other forms of windshield cracks, stress cracks are the result of more environmental endurances, such as extreme hot or cold temperatures.

If not repaired, stress cracks can evolve over time due to temperature fluctuations and can easily wind up significantly decreasing the visibility of your windshield.

Edge or Floater Cracks

Edge cracks or any cracks that either start or extend to within two inches of the edge of your windshield, while floater cracks are generally near the center of your windshield.

These cracks can vary in length but will only evolve and expand if not repaired immediately and are completely unsafe to be driving on the road with.

Bullseyes or Stars

These types of cracks will look exactly like they sound. Bullseye cracks are a series of circular patterns resembling that of the middle of a dartboard, while star cracks tend to be multiple small chips or cracks that are all centered around one another.

These types of windshield cracks tend to limit visibility the most and will make your windshield extremely fragile and vulnerable to shattering.

Quality Windshield Repair When You Need It the Most

That chip or crack on your windshield is going to go away by itself! Let us help take care of all your auto glass service needs so you can get safely back on the road in no time. Contact Prime Windshields today to get started on a free quote for your windshield repair needs, or give us a call at 480-618-5888 for East Valley service or 602-688-7700 all immediate auto glass service in the Phoenix metro area.

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