Why Choose Prime to Fix a Chipped or Cracked Side Window?

Professional and experienced auto glass repair work doesn’t only apply to your windshield. At Prime Windshields, we specialize in fixing all driver-side or passenger-side windows, ensuring that all our customers receive the following complimentary services:

  • Free mobile repair services at your location
  • Expert help with filing your insurance claim when necessary
  • ADAS recalibration to restore your vehicle’s safety features
  • Lifetime warranty certifications on all auto glass repair

Delaying quality repair work for your damaged side window or car glass will only create more problems in the long run. Prime Windshields ensures 100% customer satisfaction on all our auto glass repair jobs, allowing you to worry less and focus more on getting where you need to go!

Side Window Repair Phoenix

Read our reviews to see just how dedicated we are to providing professional care to all clients we work with!

Ensure Your Vehicle’s Safety & Performance

While a chip or a crack in your vehicle’s side window may not seem like a top priority to fix, the truth is the longer you wait to repair it, the worse the damage can become. In addition to safety hazards, broken side windows can put your vehicle at risk for theft or environmental dangers that can further impair your automobile.

Immediate inspection and damage assessment can also help determine whether or not side window replacement is necessary. Our team’s proficient side window repair process involves each of the following steps:

  • Damage and debris inspection and vacuum cleanup
  • Cautious door panel removal to accurately install new side window
  • Regulator testing to secure power window function and connectivity
  • Re-installation of door panel and final side window connectivity testing

Whether you’re unsure whether your insurance will cover your auto glass damage or you’re unable to physically move your car to a repair shop, don’t sweat it! Prime Windshields has the experience, staff, and resources necessary to adhere to all your auto glass service needs!

Prime Windshields Repairs All Types of Auto Glass in Arizona

Keep your vehicle secure and protected from all of life’s obstacles by receiving our exemplary auto glass repair work and customer service! Contact us online today to schedule an appointment, or call us at 480-618-5888 for East Valley service or 602-688-7700 to receive a free quote in the Phoenix area.

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