Why Choose Prime for Rear Windshield Repair?

Driving around with a damaged rear windshield is only a recipe for disaster! Contact Prime Windshields today to immediately begin our extensive rear windshield repair process, which includes:

  • Exclusive lifetime warranties
  • Free mobile service to your location
  • Help with the insurance process and filing your claim
  • Experienced auto glass technicians dedicated to your needs

Ensuring maximum visibility and performance with your rear windshield is our primary objective. The longer you wait to repair any damage on your rear windshield, the more likely you’ll need a total windshield replacement. Schedule a rear windshield repair appointment today!

Rear Windshield Repair

Experience Prime Windshield Repair Service

From our free mobile service offers to our insurance process assistance to our lifetime warranty certifications, Prime Windshields is dedicated to providing our clients with outstanding and reputable customer service! We’ll assess your rear windshield damage and provide you with only the solutions you need and can afford.

Our Windshield Repair Process

No chip or crack is too big or small for our team of AGSC-certified Master Technicians! However, because rear windshields are made of tempered glass that’s designed to shatter on impact, damaged rear windshields often cannot be repaired. You can trust Prime to provide an honest assessment.

When you choose Prime for rear windshield repair, our process includes:

  • Carefully examining and evaluating the severity of the rear windshield damage
  • Safely removing and vacuuming any existing glass or debris
  • Determining the best course of repair action for your rear windshield damage
  • Working and communicating directly with you on providing damage analysis and repair cost estimates

Get a Quote for Rear Windshield Repair

Stop driving around with a damaged rear windshield! Get the professional auto glass care you deserve with Prime Windshields. Contact us today to receive a free quote, or give us a call at 480-618-5888 for East Valley service or 602-688-7700 any immediate auto glass service in the Phoenix metro area.

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