Tips for Cleaning and Caring for the Windows on Your RV
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Tips for Cleaning and Caring for the Windows on Your RV

It’s time for that road trip! The wanderlust bug bit you; you want to cruise out of the valley wherever the wind takes you. Whichever route you take, you know you’re ready for an adventure.

However, is your RV ready to rock? Many of your RV’s components may have issues on the road, especially when it comes to auto glass and rock, in the dusty Sonoran desert. Here are some ways to properly care for the windows on your RV!

Cleaning RV Auto Glass

Cleaning RV windows is fairly straightforward, but there are some things to consider before starting:

Use a Glass Cleaning Solution

You want to use glass cleaner strictly when working on your RV’s windows. Other cleaning solutions just leave streaks that obstruct your view while driving.

Utilize an Extended Brush

RV windows aren’t super tall but much taller than your average vehicle. You want to find a brush with an extended pole to reach every corner of your windows.

Clean Outside & Inside

When cleaning RV windows, it’s imperative to a round outside and inside! Dust, oils, and other debris most likely litter the interior glass, so it’s best to be thorough.

Clean In the Morning or Evening

When considering the perfect time to clean your windows, go with the morning or around dusk. Bright light speeds up the glass cleaner’s drying process, which doesn’t allow you to get a proper wipedown.

Remember that you don’t want to clean your RV windows in cold weather either, as it may cause the glass to crack. Nice, temperate weather without a lot of sunshine is ideal for cleaning your auto glass.

Get Auto Glass Repair or Replacement Promptly

A crack on any auto glass poses a litany of potential risks and hazards. First, a crack in your windshield obstructs your view, potentially causing accidents. If an accident occurs, cracked auto glass weakens the vehicle's structure, making it easier to crumble during a rollover.

And in Arizona, blemished windshields are the most common in the U.S., So replacing your RV’s windshield or side windows is a priority for your next trip.

Get RV Window Maintenance With Prime Windshields

Whether it’s your RV’s windshield, side windows, or you need ADAS recalibration before your next trip, come on over to Prime Windshields!

Get a free quote online or give us a call at 480-618-5888 today!

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