Is It Safe to Drive with a Broken Side Window?
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Is It Safe to Drive with a Broken Side Window?

While most people will immediately replace a broken windshield, it is more common to let a cracked, chipped, or shattered side window slide for a while. But driving with any broken or missing auto glass is dangerous.

Between reduced visibility, increased chance of theft, and no protection from weather or hazardous objects, it’s best to replace your broken side windows as soon as possible.

Read on to learn the top reasons it’s worth your time, money, and peace of mind to replace broken side windows as soon as you can.  

1. Reduced Visibility

If you’re driving with a cracked or chipped side window, your visibility will be obstructed. This means you might not see passing cars, pedestrians, or hazardous objects in the road. This is obviously quite dangerous, as being able to see everything clearly while driving is extremely important for defensive driving.

2. No Protection From Flying Objects

Even if you cover your broken side window with plastic that you can see through, you will not be protected from hazardous flying objects, such as rocks, branches, and roadside debris. Whereas the window would have provided a layer of protection, plastic will not, and injury might occur if something flies through your window at a high speed. 

3. It Could Result in Fines

While the laws are vague in many states about whether it’s legal to drive without functioning side windows, if a police officer deems that your view is obstructed or that your driving situation is in some other way unsafe, you may be stopped and issued a traffic ticket with an accompanying fine.

4. It Makes Driving in Bad Weather Miserable

If it’s windy, raining, or hailing, you’re out of luck, because with broken side windows, you’ll have no protection from bad weather. Rain water can damage a car’s interior and hasten the growth of mold. It can also compromise your car’s electrical system, and perhaps even cause it to stop working properly.

Extremely hot and cold temperatures will also be unpleasant since your A/C and heater won’t work well unless the car is sealed. You also won’t be protected from car exhaust and other airborne pollutants since there will not be a filter between you and the outside world.

5. Your Drive Will Be Noisy

You know how annoying it is when a noisy motorcycle passes you, even when your windows are rolled up and your radio is on? Triple that noise and that’s what your drive with broken side windows will be like--all the time. If you want to protect yourself from roaring wind, cars with noisy engines, and drivers who think that everyone else wants to hear their music too, you’ll need to replace your side windows. 

6. You Are Basically Inviting Your Car to Be Stolen

When your side windows are broken, your car is conspicuous to would-be thieves. They obviously don’t have to break a window or jimmy open a door to steal the belongings stowed inside your car, your car stereo, or your car itself. While no one deserves to have their car stolen, when all the thief has to do is reach in through your broken window and unlock the door, you’re making things way too easy for them.  

Find an Experienced Auto Glass Professional

If you’re driving with a damaged side window, and you live in Phoenix, Flagstaff, Prescott, Sedona, or another nearby city, book a service appointment with Prime Windshields today!

We’ll assess whether your window needs to be replaced or repaired, and we’ll work with you to provide options that fit your needs and budget. We are experts on repairing power windows as well, and can have those up and running for you in no time. 

With over 30 years of auto glass experience, lifetime warranties, free mobile service, and help negotiating insurance policies, Prime Windshields promises expert service, competitive prices, and quality craftsmanship.

Contact us today for an estimate or to schedule an appointment to get back to a safe, quiet, and comfortable ride!

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