Factors That Affect the Cost of a Rear Windshield Replacement
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Factors That Affect the Cost of a Rear Windshield Replacement

Is your rear windshield in desperate need of repair? Well, the safest option is to opt for windshield replacement immediately. However, it’s a bit more complicated depending on how quickly someone can shell out money for costly auto glass work.

A cracked rear windshield may add an extra blind spot on your vehicle, making maneuvering these busy Phoenix highways even more dangerous. Plus, if an accident were to occur and there’s a fracture in your windshield, it has an increased chance of turning deadly as the crack also weakens your vehicle’s frame.

There are plenty of factors contributing to the cost of your rear windshield replacement; let’s look at them to get a better sense of the price to you.

Make & Model of Your Automobile

Your vehicle's manufacturer and particular model act as the basis for determining the cost of your rear windshield replacement. If your vehicle is a widely used, American-made car, the rear windshield type used for relief may be readily available, costing you a reasonable amount.

However, if you have a foreign-made luxury car, the rear windshield needed for replacement may not be readily available, and special orders are required, significantly increasing the price of your auto glass work.

Auto Insurance Coverage

Auto insurance factors into the overall cost of your rear windshield replacement. If your insurance policy covers rear windshield replacement, you're in luck! Typical auto coverage for Arizona vehicles is almost a given since the rate of cracked windshields is the highest in the country.

Your deductible is one thing to keep in mind in terms of a rear windshield replacement. If you have a high deductible on your insurance policy, it may not be worth getting them involved since rear windshield replacement costs anywhere from $200-$500.

ADAS Calibration Factor

Late-model vehicles have ADAS Calibrations embedded in their systems and subsequent parts. Replacing a rear windshield sometimes means these systems may need to be recalibrated before your car is functional again, which will bump up the overall cost.

Glass Cleanup

If your rear windshield shatters into countless tiny fragments in your back seat, additional cleanup is needed, which bumps the overall cost of replacement up.

Replace Your Rear Windshield With Prime Windshields

For the longest-standing, most trustworthy auto glass repair and replacement in the Phoenix metro, contact Prime Windshields!

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