Car Window Tinting: What’s Legal in Arizona-- and What Can Get You a Ticket?
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Car Window Tinting: What’s Legal in Arizona-- and What Can Get You a Ticket?

Arizona is home to the most days of sun on average per year. Not only does this abundance of the sun leave plenty of time to explore the outdoors of the Copper State, but commuting may also prove to be too bright on the road. Window tinting in Arizona is not uncommon, but there are stipulations.

Here’s Prime Windshield’s guide to legal window tinting!

Tint Darkness and Reflection

Tinting the windows on your sedan, and other vehicles follow two basic rules: Tint Darkness and Tint Reflection.

Tint Darkness

Tint darkness refers to the depth of shade that effectively blocks the sun’s light. Your windshield may be a non-reflective tint above the manufacturer’s AS-1 line in Arizona. This means that your windshield needs to use the clearest form of glass available.

If you tint front side windows, they must allow more than a third of all light in. Your backside and rear windows are a different story. You are entitled to tint your windows are dark as you like or the max available at your preferred auto glass shop.

Tint Reflection

Tint Reflection bounces incoming light off your windshield or other windows, keeping that persistent Arizona sun away from the interior of your car. This works tremendously to keep your interior at a reasonable temperature on the hottest days, but it does come at a price to other drivers.

The more reflective your window tinting is, the brighter the sun’s rays will bounce off your windshield. The bright reflection significantly increases visual hazards for other drivers, leading to accidents. With windshields being the largest pane of glass on your car and facing oncoming traffic, a non-reflective tint is required. However, their max reflectiveness is at 35% for the other windows.

Miscellaneous Tint Rules

Here are a few tinting rules not dealing with darkness or flection:

Dual Mirror

If your back window is tinted, dual side mirrors are required.

Restricted Tint Colors

The state of Arizona bans the use of amber or red tint colors.

Medical Exemptions

If you have any medical reasons regarding the color, darkness, or reflectiveness of your auto glass, consult with your local government about medical exemptions.

Choose Prime Windshields for Window Tinting

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