Can Your Drive With Cracked Windshield in Arizona?
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Can Your Drive With Cracked Windshield in Arizona?

From the Superstition Mountains to the east to Camelback Mountain in the heart of the city, driving around the Phoenix metro offers some beautiful sights. Don’t let your view get obscured by a cracked windshield!

A fragmented driver’s view of the road not only takes away from the pretty sights, but also can be quite dangerous for your commute. Arizona’s total population is just over seven million, which is the 14th most in the country. We’re also number one for auto glass claims!

It is no surprise to Arizonians regarding so many auto glass claims. The dryness of the desert air is a perfect storm for a high amount of dust. Dust storms can whip through the metro, causing thousands of tiny rocks to make an impact with your car's auto glass. Additionally, the jagged nature of our rocks can kick up on the freeway, creating even bigger blemishes to your windshield.

Can You Drive With a Cracked Windshield?

In short, yes, you can drive with a crack in your windshield, but it depends on the situation.

According to Arizona glass law, the windshield must not show damage in the area above the steering wheel. The reasoning behind this law is a crack may not obstruct any part of your view while driving. Typically anything above the steering wheel will most likely obstruct your view.

There are exceptions to this law, however. Minor cracks that are less than ¾ inches in diameter and less than three inches in length that are not crossing another crack are still drivable for a time.

These minor cracks will begin to grow eventually, so minor cracks are only drivable temporarily before auto glass repair, or replacement is necessary.

Can You Get a Ticket for a Cracked Windshield?

Yes, you can get ticketed for a cracked windshield in Arizona, and it doesn’t matter if it just happened either. Your car’s windshield and other windows not only give you protection from the wind and clear sight while driving but it is also involved in the structure of your vehicle.

The frame of your vehicle becomes weaker when there is a crack in your windshield, giving it a greater chance of crumbling during an accident. A typical fine for a cracked windshield in Arizona is anywhere $100 to $150.

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Don’t wait to get a ticket for a cracked windshield; get your auto glass repaired or replaced by the trusted experts at Prime Windshield. We’ll even help with your insurance claim!

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