Can you Get a Sunburn While Driving?
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Can you Get a Sunburn While Driving?

The Arizona sun, especially in the summer months, is some of the most unforgiving on the planet. You might get sunburnt being outside for as little as a few minutes on some of the worst days in the Sonoran Desert.

But what about getting sunburnt while driving? Is it possible? Let’s find out!

Can I get Sunburnt While Driving?

In short, the answer is: No. Your vehicle’s windshield and other windows have built-in UV protection film blocking UV rays from penetrating your car’s interior. Now, it’s still possible to receive some burn while driving. However, the only way this is possible is by driving with your side windows down. Rolling down your windows exposes you to UV-rays your auto glass normally picks up.

Take this story of an Australian truck driver who spent 28 years driving with his window down for an effective example: The man’s left side of his face and left arm are riddled with sun damage while his right side is perfectly healthy.

Other Possible Health Risks

One of the most significant risks driving on a hot and sunny day doesn’t come from UV rays but from the heat itself. An intensely hot day may cause your engine to overheat or your AC to break down. Not having a cool environment to drive in may put you at risk for a heat stroke.

How to Combat Car Interior Heat With Window Tint

If you have trouble keeping a decent field of view or your car’s interior at a reasonable temperature, window tinting may be an excellent option for you!

Window tinting filters out a certain amount of light, giving your eyes much-needed rest as you drive. Reflection on windows bounces UV rays away from your car instead of just blocking it, allowing you to keep a cooler temperature through your car’s interior.

Yes, window tinting and reflections are great tools to combat the Phoenix sun, but there are legal limits!

Your windshield’s glass tint needs to be non-reflective AS-1 auto glass, while your max darkness for your front side windows allows at least ⅓ of light in. Your rear windows allow any type of darkness available, and your trusted auto glass shop! As for reflectiveness, all windows on your vehicle must not exceed 35%.

Choose Prime Windshields for Window Tinting

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