Noisy Drive? You Might Have Auto Glass Damage
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Noisy Drive? You Might Have Auto Glass Damage

Road noise is annoying. When you get into your car, you should be able to have a conversation, listen to the radio, or take some quiet time for yourself without the intrusion of loud noise.

There are many potential causes of road noise. It could come from your tires, loose parts that need repair, or external factors like high winds, uneven road material, or traffic. One of the most common reasons for a noisy drive though is a loose windshield or side window. Loose auto glass will not only fail to block traffic noise, it will let an abundance of wind into your vehicle, which can make your drive noisy, particularly when you travel at high speeds.

Road noise isn’t just irritating. It’s also unsafe. It can distract the driver, and it can also prevent them from hearing horns honking, other cars speeding, or even the sirens of emergency vehicles. Traffic noise has also been linked to stress, meaning that drivers dealing with noisy conditions are more likely to also be dealing with increased stress, and even increased chance of illness

If your drive is unreasonably noisy, or if you’ve noticed the noise getting worse, here are some possible causes.

Improper Windshield Installation

Loose windshields can rattle, let in excess air, and, in extreme situations, could fly out of place, which is obviously extremely dangerous.

Windshields can be loose due to manufacturer error or a shoddily-performed replacement. Car accidents can also lead to loose windshields. Even if your glass wasn’t visibly damaged in the accident, there may still be loose space between the windshield and the surrounding frame.

If you live in an area with extreme weather fluctuations, this can also loosen your windshield, since sudden temperature changes can cause windshield glass to expand and contract.   

Side Windows That Don’t Fully Close

Occasionally, a window can come off its track, and, if this happens, it may not close properly. If you hear a hissing or whistling noise around the window, it could indicate that the window is stopping just short of closing all the way.

You can test this by closing the window until it stops, and then trying to insert something thin between the window and the frame. If you can, then you’ll need to get the window back on track so that it will close and seal properly.

Damage Around the Edge of the Glass

If there is damage around the edge of your windshield glass, you may not see it, but it is likely compromising your seal, and letting air and other sources of noise in. This could eventually lead to a loose windshield or a window that goes off track.

Also keep in mind that a crack or chip along the edge of a windshield can eventually cut into and tear the seal.

Find an Experienced Auto Glass Professional

If you are driving with a damaged windshield or window, and it is making for a noisy ride, and you live in Phoenix, Flagstaff, Prescott, Sedona, or another nearby city, book a service appointment with Prime Windshields today!

We’ll assess whether your glass needs to be replaced or repaired, and we’ll work with you to provide options that fit your needs and budget.

With over 30 years of auto glass experience, lifetime warranties, free mobile service, and help negotiating insurance policies, Prime Windshields promises expert service, competitive prices, and quality craftsmanship. Contact us today for an estimate or to schedule an appointment to get back to a quiet and comfortable ride!

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