What to do if Your Sunroof Won’t Close
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What to do if Your Sunroof Won’t Close

There’s nothing more frustrating than when something just stops working seemingly out of nowhere. For instance, let’s say you’re taking a cruise around the Valley during a beautiful day. Your windows are down, the breeze is blowing in, it couldn’t be a better car ride. That is until it starts to rain. Rain isn’t a common occurrence in Phoenix, AZ, but it can come down heavy when it does.

You begin to roll up your windows. All your windows rolled up as you try the sunroof. Nothing. You click it again to close it, still nothing. You pull over under the nearest gas station canopy to avoid a lake forming in your vehicle. You need to either fix the issue or know what the issue is if you’re going to be driving in the rain.

Here’s what to do if your sunroof won’t close!

Assess the Situation

For starters, if your sunroof won’t close, you should start by diagnosing the problem. There are four main reasons why your sunroof isn’t closing:

  1. Bad Fuse
  2. Weak Battery
  3. Bad Motor
  4. Dirty/Broken Track

If you press the button and don’t hear anything working, you can assume the sunroof’s motor has gone kaput. Before you stick with the motor being dead, however, check the fuse that is associated with the vehicle’s windows or the sunroof. Fixing your sunroof can be as easy as switching out a blown fuse! If the fuse is fine, it might have something to do with the state of your battery.

Although, if you hear a noise like a window is trying to close but doesn’t. The issue most likely lies within your sunroofs tracks.

Clean the Sunroof Tracks

More often than not, the main cause of your sunroof not working lies in the tracks. Give your sunroof tracks a good clean by removing any dirt or debris stuck within. After cleaning, adjust the guides on the tracks to assure they line up and allow a smooth opening and closing!

Check if the Motor Functions Properly

You can check if the motor is properly functioning by pushing the center of the motor for a manual start. If your motor fails to work manually, you may need to bring your car to an auto glass repair shop.

Call on Prime Windshield for Sunroof Repair

If your sunroof or any other window fails to open and close, or if you need auto glass repair or replacement in the Phoenix area, call on Prime Windshields!

Get a free quote online or give us a call at 480-618-5888 today!

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